Introducing the Data CAMP

Data CAMP is the perfect partner for a state-of-the-art AI-powered SCADA system,
enabling a digital twin. Leveraging real-time data, it conducts extensive analysis and
optimization simulations across production sites without operational disruptions.
Select Data CAMP for smarter and more agile decision-making

By integrating with LISA, you can build a connected smart factory
AI solution from real-time data collection to monitoring solutions.
We can also provide domain- and process-specific optimized data solutions.

We understand the importance of seamlessly flowing inspection data
from any factory or process to a comprehensive monitoring solution.

You can build the environment just by configuring the configuration file
without any coding. In addition, the monitoring environment is based on
web technology and supports both on-site and remote monitoring.

Our goal is the success of our customers.

AHHA Labs provides customized solutions using cutting-edge technology, in
collaboration with exceptional experts, to enhance our customers’ business performance.