(Collecting, Analyzing, Monitoring, Predicting)


Use manufacturing big data to achieve successful digital transformation(DX)




DataCamp easily integrates with existing systems, collecting, monitoring, and analyzing data to help predict on-site conditions

AHHA Labs' Data CAMP Solution_process overview



라벨링이 필요 없는 비지도학습 Anomaly Detection

Compatible with Legacy Systems

Manage all manufacturing big data in an integrated manner with easy compatibility with legacy equipment, existing production systems, and commercial analysis tools.

제약 없는 확장성</p>
<p>별도 소프트웨어 개발 없이 장비/설비/데이터/기능 등을 자유롭게 추가 및 제거

Scalable thanks to Micro-Service Architecture

Add or remove equipment, facilities, data, and features flexibly without additional software development.

손쉬운 No-code </p>
<p>레시피 기반의 No-code 블록코딩 UI로 제조 프로세스에 최적화된 데이터 파이프라인을 쉽게 구현

Easy to use No-code Recipe UI

Easily implement data pipelines optimized for manufacturing processes with a recipe-based, no-code blockcoding UI.

풍부한 SPC</p>
<p>기본 제공되는 다양한 통계적 공정 관리(SPC) 기법으로 수집된 데이터의 패턴을 분석하고 이상 트렌드를 실시간 감지

Business intelligence enabled by user-friendly dashboard

Analyze patterns in manufacturing data and detect anomalous trends in real time using Data CAMP’s advanced statistical process control (SPC) capabilities.

검증된 안정성 Rust 언어 기반 코어 엔진이 365/24/7 중단 없이 실시간 대용량 데이터 처리

No downtime in 3 years (RUST-based core engine)

The Rust-based core engine processes manufacturing big data in real time with zero downtime, 24/7/365.

System Requirements 


Minimum Recommended
CPU Intel Core i5 Intel Core i9
RAM DDR4 16GByte DDR4 64GByte
Storage 256GByte SSD 2TByte PCle 4.0×4 M.2 SSD + External Storage / NAS
Network 4Port Gigabit Ethernet 4Port 10Gigabit Ethernet
CPU Intel Core i5
RAM DDR4 16GByte
Storage 256GByte SSD
Network 4Port Gigabit Ethernet
CPU Intel Core i9
RAM DDR4 64GByte
Storage 2TByte PCle 4.0×4 M.2 SSD + External Storage / NAS
Network 4Port 10Gigabit Ethernet

Pre-Implementation Considerations


    • System Requirements: Requirements can vary depending on the volume of data to be processed. The minimum requirements are based on processing 80 MBytes of data per second.
    • Data Processing Capacity: The amount of data that can be processed in a certain period of time is influenced by the network environment. Ethernet ports need to be installed considering purpose and accessibility, we will provide an ideal network specification after on-site inspection.
    • Storage Space: Storage space is dedicated to the system and database. If large data storage is needed (e.g., for images), additional storage space must be secured separately.
    • Performance Improvement: Consider a multi-node configuration to enhance performance. Each node does not need to have identical specifications; prioritize the main node’s specifications and add sub-nodes accordingly.

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