We want to work with people who want to do
better and implement new ideas.

Product Manager

AHHA Labs was established to create AI technology to enhance the quality of life.

We are currently developing and supplying manufacturing inspection solutions in the manufacturing sector, and preparing services through audio technology. 

1. We supply the following solutions to solve difficulties in various manufacturing sites

  • LISA (Look In Smart With AI) for CCTV
    – Anomaly detection system through CCTV
  • LISA (Look In Smart With AI) for Inspection
    – Defect detection system using vision images
  • LISA (Look In Smart With AI) for Signal
    – Anomaly detection system using sensor data

2. To ensure smooth AI application, we provide a data collection platform that manages all data generated within the factory.

    – Provides collection/monitoring/analysis/prediction functions for all data from PLC, Vision Controller, PC, Sensor, etc.

3. We are preparing a B2C solution using audio technology. B2C service using voice conversion technology

Main Duties

  • Establish and validate hypotheses based on user data to plan and operate services
  • Plan features that can solve customers’ pain points
  • Planning of our B2B, B2C services
  • Plan and improve the overall service using IA, Flow chart, Wireframe, etc.

Auxiliary Tasks

  • Define platform operation policies
  • Plan for renewal of our services
  • Plan optimized services based on user data analysis
  • Set future strategy and roadmap based on customer feedback

Selection Process

Document screening – Practical interview – Executive interview – Hiring confirmation


  • Holders of a degree from a 4-year university or above
  • 2 or more years of experience in a related job
  • Comprehensive understanding and planning experience of B2B, B2C services
  • Able to communicate well when collaborating with other job roles such as planning, design, and development

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in platform operation
  • Understanding of UI/UX
  • Experience in working with SaaS-based cloud services
  • Experience in planning global services
  • Ability to use Figma
  • Ability to communicate in English

Employee benefits

‘Flexible working hours with staggered attendance.’

  • You are free to come to work between 8am and 11am.
  • Employees have the flexibility to adjust their work hours based on their individual schedules.

‘We are currently implementing a temporary 32-hour work week policy.’

  • We are implementing a 32-hour work week policy to promote a healthy work-life balance.
  • On Mondays and Fridays, you will only work for 4 hours.

‘Flexible annual leave policy.’

  • Annual leave utilization is a protected right of employees under the law! We encourage personal use of annual leave.
  • To facilitate smooth workload sharing, employees are only required to inform their team when using personal leave.
There is no separate approval process.

‘Newly hired employees will be provided with equipment support.’

  • We provide personal computer equipment support for newly hired employees.
  • We will purchase the equipment you desire, including product, color, size, etc.

‘We hope to build Camaraderie. (Support for informal gatherings with free topics)’

  • We support monthly internal gatherings with a budget of KRW 70,000 per person.
  • Build camaraderie during work hours! We encourage gatherings during weekday working hours.
  • There are no restrictions on topics, such as exercise, performances, movie, gaming, comic cafes, futsal, billiards, etc.

‘We provide support for self-development expenses.’

  • We provide monthly support of KRW 100,000 for self-development expenses to foster growth.
  • Optional benefits for books, lectures, performances, camping gear, electronic devices, airfare, accommodation expenses,
etc, for personal development.

‘We provide support for lunch meals, coffee, and snacks.’

  • We offer provided lunch meals and unlimited snacks, beverages, and coffee.

‘We provide support for congratulatory events and condolences.’

  • We provide gifts during the Lunar New Year and Chuseok holidays.
  • We provide support for leaves of absence and condolence allowances based of condolence events.

‘Internal employee referral system.’

  • Opportunity to work with talented employees and incentives for successful referrals!
  • If you believe someone is suitable for the positions we are hiring for, please feel free to make a referral at any time!